Aimee is a mother of two, a son and a daughter. She enjoys watching her son ride motocross and spending time with her family. She works as a chemical dependency social worker. In her free time Aimee enjoys sewing and crafts of all kinds.



Alex is a Little Falls Flyer and swimming lesson instructor. He will be graduating in 2015. In his spare time he plays football, mountain bikes and tries to stay active outside.



Anna graduated from Brainerd High School and is part of the class of 2013. She is now at Central Lakes College in Brainerd taking general courses. Anna is 18 years old and also has a younger brother who is four years younger than her. Anna loves swimming and gymnastics hanging out with friends and being outside in the summertime. Anna has been teaching swimming lessons since 2010 and loves to watch the kids grow over the season.



Bethany is a graduate of the class 2014, currently a student at CLC for her AA degree. She is not sure what the next step in her life will be just yet; although she’s positive she wants to do something she has a passion for. She has participated in dance, theater, basketball, and softball. She is very dedicated to her loved ones, the gym and college. In her spare time that’s almost nonexistent being a full-time student she loves to get out and enjoy time with family, read, and anything else that peaks her creativity.



Cassidy is a homeschooled Junior, enrolled in an online PSEO program at North Western College. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, playing piano, and learning French. Her future aspirations include coaching swim lessons, becoming a Cosmetologist, and eventually a grade school teacher.



A mature adult, David is young at heart. Besides working as a social worker and teaching kids to swim, David enjoys anything that adds excitement to his life. His most exciting experience was jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet.



Heather is a senior at Brainerd High School. She has been playing volleyball for five years and doing triathalons for one year. In the future she wants to go to a four year college and study medical management, while continuing to play volleyball and compete in triathalons.



Helena graduated Pillager High School in 2016 with her AA degree finished. In middle and high school she was on the Brainerd swim team and the YMCA Dolphin Swim Team for six years. She is currently a student at St. Cloud State University. She is majoring in Community Psychology and minoring in Special Education. After her undergrad, she would like to continue with school to graduate with a masters in school guidance counseling. She is excited to continue to work with children after her schooling ends. She has been teaching swimming lessons for five years. She is passionate about working with kids and loves helping them learn a skill that they will be using for the rest of their lives. She also enjoys seeing how kids grow and improve in their swimming.



Kelley is a homeschool graduate, attended photography school at the Institute of Photographic Studies and now owns her own photography business, in addition to teaching at Splash School. The oldest of a dozen kids, she loves teaching and having fun with kids of all ages. Some of her other loves are writing, reading, swimming, running, and playing pick-up games of ultimate Frisbee and hockey.



Kirsten has lived on a lake her whole life in a family that loves the water. She was water skiing by age six and slalom skiing by eight. She now also wakeboards and wakesurfs. She took swimming lessons from three years old. She decided to teach swim lessons so others can enjoy the opportunities water brings.



Kira is a junior at Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson. She loves to swim, figure skate, and be with little kids. She loves working with Splash School, it makes her so happy to be able to teach little kids how to swim.



Krista has always enjoyed swimming and kids. She has been in swimming lessons since she was four years old and then took the next step and became a certified lifeguard. Babysitting has always been in her life; she's watched her little cousins and some family friends' children. She has worked at Comfort Suites - Rapid River Lodge as an attendant for over one year and have come to love it. She enjoys things other than water too: hiking, camping, shopping and going to the movies with her friends. She also loves animals of all kinds, and has three dogs, three cats, 4 rabbits and a fish.



Mark is a home school senior and the third oldest in a big family of fourteen. He enjoys younger kids and loves being aroud them. Mark likes being in the outdoors and loves playing sports. Hunting, fishing, camping, baseball, hockey and ultimate Frisbee are all stuff he has a passion for. He is on the local high school baseball team and has also coached baseball for K-6th graders.



I started swimming when I was very young. I took lessons all the way until high school. I was on two different competitive swim teams (Aquajets and Foxjets). I work part time as a swim instructor at the Hallett Community Center. I love working with kids because they are a lot of fun to teach.



Rose is a homeschooled graduate of 2013 and is currently finishing her first year at St. Ben's. She was born and raised in St. Joseph, and is the third oldest of eight kids. Rose has been on the Apollo diving team for five years and is now diving for St. Ben's. She loves playing ultimate frisbee, diving, and hanging out with her little siblings in her free time.



Tracy is a 1995 Graduate from BSU with a degree in the Health Sciences. At BSU she taught water aerobics and has had experience Life Guarding and teaching swimming lessons. She has taught for the Brainerd Public Schools for 22 years and is also a nurse. With her love for the water, she believes that everyone should learn how to swim in our beautiful land of 10,000 lakes.



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